Carolyn Labey

Chairman and States Commissioner

Carolyn Labey was elected by the Parish of Grouville in Jersey as a member of the States…

Peter Le Seelleur

Vice Chairman and Non-States Commissioner

Peter Le Seelleur has been a Non-States Commissioner since 2006. He is a Chartered Accountant…

Michel Le Troquer

States Commissioner

Judy Martin

States Commissioner

Toni Roberts

Non-States Commissioner

Toni Roberts was first appointed as a Non-States Commissioner of the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission…

Douglas Melville

Non-States Commissioner

Douglas Melville is the newest member of the Commission, appointed in September 2015, and is…

Professional Staff

Simon Boas

Executive Director

Simon Boas has over a decade of experience designing, implementing and evaluating aid projects in…

Trudy Le Bas

Administrative Officer