JOA is committed to making a sustained contribution to reducing poverty and hardship in poorer countries. In particular it will support:

  • Basic health care;
  • Education;
  • Safe drinking water and sanitation;
  • Self sufficiency and food security;
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Gender equality
  • Emergency and humanitarian needs


JOA provides funding in the following ways:

  • Grant aid for development projects implemented through UK-registered NGOs and other recognised specialist aid agencies
  • Emergency and disaster relief through internationally-recognised relief agencies
  • Community work projects, where teams of Jersey volunteers physically contribute to development projects overseas
  • Supporting Jersey Charities in their work overseas, generally on a matched funding (£ for £) basis.
  • Sponsorship and bursaries for Jersey professionals to provide specific services and training overseas for charitable purposes.


JOA will only issue grants to pre-approved agencies. For more information, including application details and countries of focus, please download our Explanatory Booklet.