Infectious diseases are a global problem that result in millions of deaths each year.  Our ‘Stop the Spread’ activity is aimed at engaging students in both the design of practical technology to reduce the spread of disease, and a school presentation aimed at raising local awareness.

During the design challenge, students work as a team to design, build and test a model of a hand washing device. During the research and communication challenge, students are challenged to produce and present education materials intended for a primary school in Ethiopia.

Designed for ages 7-14, with up to 5 hours of activities and presentations, the ‘Stop the Spread’ materials are based on a Jersey Overseas Aid project, in Babo Kebele, Ethiopia, to improve access to sanitation and handwashing facilities for nearly 7,000 people, including children at Nedo Primary School.

If you are running a workshop before March 2019, you can even encourage your students to use the opportunity to take part in our ‘Stop the Spread’ Competition for the chance to win a Trophy and prizes.

Teacher resources include a lesson plan, pupil worksheets, PowerPoint, posters, certificates and more.