According to the UN, in the 21st Century, a billion people in the world are malnourished; 2 billion people lack access to basic sanitation services, and over 5 million children still die before their 5th birthday each year.

Humanitarian crises and poverty also have the ability to de-stable countries for decades to come. By providing emergency aid and supporting sustainable development projects, when future generations ask what we did to help people suffering we can stand proud in the knowledge that we were there to help during such times of need.

Our Beliefs
  • As a wealthy jurisdiction and international player, it is important for Jersey to undertake the responsibilities, as well as the benefits, of this role. In 1970, many wealthy, civilised jurisdictions made an agreement to help the world’s poorest. This agreement has been reaffirmed many times, by many nations and it is Jersey’s responsibility to act with civility and contribute to international development.
  • As a generous, responsible, outward-looking island, Jersey’s international aid contribution is an expression of Jersey’s international identity.
  • JOA’s work helps Jersey’s community. Our community work projects, bursaries and internships offer Jersey residents worldwide opportunities, whilst our school resources educate and engage students in STEM activities. By funding Jersey charities’ projects overseas, we hope to support Jersey’s philanthropic spirit and build the capacity of local charities to enable them to deliver aid to an international standard.
  • Jersey’s aid transforms hundreds of thousands of lives every year. By addressing issues of poverty and health, we hope to provide a safer and securer world for our own children, as well as the rest of the world.