The Jersey International Development Network is a forum that gives Islanders regular opportunities to learn more about how overseas aid works and how Jersey is making a difference on the international stage. It’s also a chance to join the dots of our philanthropic island, bringing together interested actors from charities, finance, government, philanthropy and the private sector.



The Jersey Cow Overseas: Our Greatest Ambassador

Date:  Wednesday 13th November 2019

Time: 17.45 – c.19.45

Venue: Assembly Hall,  St Helier Town Hall, St Helier


Summary: Agriculture is of vital importance to the economy of Rwanda, over 80% of the Rwandan population depend on small-scale agriculture for their livelihoods, but productivity is low, and 45-61% live in poverty and are food insecure. 37% of Rwandan children under five are stunted, an indicator of chronic malnutrition. The Government of Rwanda addresses poverty and food security with its ground-breaking Girinka programme, focusing not only on increasing access to livestock, particularly cows, but by supporting interventions to help build food production systems, particularly which are low cost, nutrient rich commodities high in protein.

The Jersey Inka Nziza project is built to reinforce this ambition. Jersey cows and crosses are proving particularly suitable for smallholder farmers where resources are scarce. With their fattier, more nutritious milk, higher feed conversion rate and tolerance of heat, drought and disease, Jerseys make much more sense for low-input systems than other exotics.

The impact on poor families is huge: milk yields can treble or quadruple, providing both a sustainable livelihood and an excellent source of nutrition for a family.

Join us for the next edition of the Jersey International Development Network where we will be talking about this uniquely Jersey project and the incredible impact it is having. Guest speakers from relevant stakeholders to be confirmed.

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Habitats Vs Humans: can you help one without hurting the other?

TreeAid and Durrell, March 2019

Dr Lesley Dickie, CEO of Durrell Conservation Trust, and Sean McGough (Programme Manager at TreeAid) gave their thoughts on how the conservation of ecosystems and poverty eradication are intrinsically linked and how organisations like theirs are delivering programmes that help communities grow their incomes without placing increased pressure on the natural environment.

Delivering Emergency Aid in the 21st Century

British Red Cross, November 2018

Alexander Matheou, Executive Director of International for the British Red Cross, gave a frank and honest insight into the challenges faced by aid workers, shedding light on  what does a disaster zone look like, how a response is coordinated and how technology has shaped humanitarian relief.