Jersey International Development Network brings together Islanders with an interest in international development or humanitarian aid. We discuss current crises, debate the latest trends, and hear from leading actors in the sector.

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Habitats Vs Humans: can you help one without hurting the other?

Ever since Gerald Durrell settled in the Island, Jersey has been a world leader in conservation, earning an international reputation for its reintroduction of endangered species and the protection of the ecosystems on which they rely. JOA itself has stepped up its involvement, introducing a core funding theme of Conservation Livelihoods and supporting multi-year programmes in Madagascar, Ghana, Ethiopia and Nepal.

But the over-exploitation of natural resources, population growth and climate change are contributing to the degradation and destruction of many of these habitats, threatening wildlife preservation but also creating a negative cycle where the reduction of human wellbeing drives further devastation. The conservation of ecosystems and poverty eradication are intrinsically linked but how can we ensure that communities are able to grow their incomes without placing increased pressure on the natural environment?

Join us for the second edition of the Jersey International Development Network and hear from some of the JOA supported organisations attempting to create a virtuous cycle between human development and environmental protection. Guest speakers Dr Lesley Dickie (CEO Durrell Conservation Trust) and Tina Sloane (Programme Design Coordinator at Farm Africa) will give insight into how organisations promote sustainable human development whilst preserving the very eco-systems and habitats these communities rely. There will be a discussion around Jersey’s own environmental policies as well as a question and answer session and the opportunity to network.

The Jersey International Development Network is a forum that give Islanders regular opportunities to learn more about how overseas aid works and how Jersey is making a difference on the international stage. It’s also a chance to join the dots of our philanthropic island, bringing together interested actors from charities, finance, government, philanthropy and the private sector.

Date:  Tuesday 16th July 2019

Time: 18.00 – c.19.30

Venue: Assembly Hall,  St Helier Town Hall, St Helier

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