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Monitoring & Impact Officer

Reporting to the Head of Programme, the Monitoring and Impact Officer will be responsible for overseeing and conducting project assessments, collecting and analysing data about the impact of Jersey’s funding, ensuring knowledge and learning are used to improve results and further developing JOA’s Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning systems. The suitable candidate will also play a key role in helping communicate what we do to the Jersey public and the wider world.

We are looking for a candidate who is passionate about helping others but empirical in their approach to doing so. You will have demonstrable experience in collecting, analysing and presenting information (ideally in fields related to international development or humanitarian work); excellent ICT and communication skills; education to degree level in a relevant discipline; some professional experience working or volunteering in a developing country (desirable but not essential); legal entitlement to work in Jersey (this job does NOT come with a Licence).

Roles and Responsibilities

Programme (60%) – Monitoring, oversight, selection and administration of grants:

  • Analyse impact of JOA funding across multiple projects and geographies. Produce dashboards, statistics, information products to enhance JOA decision making.
  • Liaise with actual and potential grantees, ensuring high-quality Monitoring, Accountability and Learning is embedded in all new projects.
  • Meet with Local Charity representatives to discuss their projects. Assist them with measuring the impact of their work.
  • Participate, and convene, thematic and street discussions among development stakeholders.
  • Carry out regular monitoring visits in-country for JOA projects.
  • Assist grantees to share knowledge and learning from experiences.
  • Enhance current monitoring framework and embed new systems (schedules, templates, reports, analytics etc.).
  • Assist in the selection of projects: invite, review, score, recommend proposals; conduct interviews as necessary. Help ensure adequate pipeline; quality control.
  • Oversee projects: read narrative and financial reports; deal with delays, budget revisions and interim payments.
  • Assist in the launch of new projects: refine project documents including co-designing MEAL framework, clarify issues and agree starting dates, payment schedules, reporting requirements.
  • Close projects: read final narrative and financial reports, compare with project documents. Consider and agree no-cost extension requests.
  • Assist in developing options for large-scale emergency funding.
  • Help select following year’s community work projects: correspond with potential partner organisations; review projects documents; agree activities, location, timeframe, budget etc. Select project leaders.
  • Carry out scoping / recce visits for Community Work Projects when necessary.
  • Conduct due diligence checks on all grantees and ensure local partners also all checked.
  • Ensure JOA projects are reported according to international standards – including IATI-standard publishing of what we fund.

Outreach (c.30%) – Ensuring the public and wider world know about the impact of Jersey’s aid:

  • Assist in preparing press releases on newsworthy project milestones. Respond to media enquiries and write development-themed articles.
  • Engage with BOND and wider International Development Sector. Represent JOA at conferences, meeting s and events.
  • Assist in the programming and administration of Jersey International Development Network (topic research, venue hire, logistics, promotion, etc.).
  • Collaborate with JOA partners in creating joint events (workshops, lectures, exhibitions etc.).
  • Design outreach programmes and events for schools, States members and Jersey public.
  • Assist in the creation of a communication policy and strategy.
  • Regularly update JOA website and social media.
  • Answer and engage enquiries from members of the public.

Other (c.10%) – various strategic and operational roles as required. As a small organisation, the incumbent will be expected to pitch in as necessary with a range of tasks:

  • Assist with the training of JOA intern and other staff as required (including work placements).
  • Assist with the development of JOA strategy.
  • Assist with the development of JOA policies and procedures.
  • Build on existing interest and understanding of States structure and function. Represent JOA in meetings with other States bodies.

Salary: £42,000 per annum

To apply: Please submit a CV and covering letter to enquiries@joa.je. The deadline is midnight of 23rd February with interviews to be held first or second week of March.

If you would like to discuss the role or hear more about JOA’s work please contact Edward Lewis (e.lewis@joa.je/ Tel: 446903)