The purpose of the JOA Bursary Award is to support individuals or groups who have specialised skills which can be used for the benefit of communities in developing countries and which meet the objectives of JOA.

The bursary award will cover:

  • reasonable travel expenses from Jersey to the destination
  • reasonable and approved living expenses during the cost of the placement
  • cost of vaccinations
  • medical and travel insurance
  • other expenses may be covered at the discretion of JOA

Applicants will have been resident in Jersey for 5 years or more and must meet at least one of the following criteria to be eligible for a bursary award:

  • The applicant will have some experience of overseas aid work
  • The applicant will have a relevant degree or specialisation

The bursary award will vary depending upon the length of the project. The maximum time for a project will be one year. The JOA bursary may be used in conjunction with funding from other sources. The recipient of the JOA bursary will be required to report on the development of the project on a time scale set out by JOA. JOA reserves the right to apply for the repayment of the award if the applicant fails to complete the project or does not submit reports when requested.

For further information please download our Explanatory Booklet below.