Every year, JOA supports overseas projects run by local, Jersey-based charities. Such projects range from dairy projects in East Africa to school construction projects in South Asia, from supporting the implementation of vegetable gardens in Gambia to providing access to safe, sustainable water in Nepal.

Types of Project

JOA is guided by the principles of (i) Aid Effectiveness, (ii) Good Humanitarian Donorship, and (iii) Environmental Protection. As a result, JOA prioritises initiatives that are inclusive, environmentally sensitive and result in a measurable change for the intended individuals and communities.

When designing a new project, Jersey charities are encouraged to consider the
objective of the intervention, the likelihood of change, and the sustainability of the project after it ends.

For further information regarding the geographic scope and application process for Jersey Charities, please see JOA’s Guidelines for Jersey Charities.

Please be advised that our worldwide emergency humanitarian relief is distributed through a range of select international organisations and a Jersey charity cannot apply for emergency and disaster relief funding.

Funding Opportunities

JOA invites year-round grant applications from Jersey charities. For initial applications, a maximum of a £5,000 grant per project will be considered and will be on a match-fund basis. However, JOA will give consideration to larger grants for Jersey charities which have previously are able to demonstrate long-term relationships with beneficiary communities and the capacity to manage and account for such spending.

For a breakdown of funding levels and requisite characteristics, please see JOA’s Guidelines for Jersey Charities.


To be eligible to apply for a grant, a Jersey charity must:

  • be registered as a Jersey charity;
  • evidence good governance and financial oversight; and
  • demonstrate the capacity necessary to implement a project overseas.

Jersey charities may apply for more than one grant per year, and there is no limit to the number of grants a Jersey charity may apply for.

Application Process

In order to apply for a grant, a Jersey charity must submit a Jersey Charity Grant Application Form, with all additional documents (below).

As with all our grantees, it is particularly important that Jersey charities give serious consideration as to how they select and monitor any local partners they might be working with.

Additional Support

We invite all Jersey charities to join our Jersey International Development Network, which aims to bring together a range of individuals to share experiences, discuss current crises, hear from lead actors in the sector and, together, build local capacity.

In addition, JOA has compiled a collection of useful tools and resources for Jersey charities and encourages Jersey charities to reach out to JOA staff for resources and support. If your organisation would like further guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a consultation meeting.