Approximately 70% of JOA’s budget is allocated to grant aid. Every year, JOA invites its select international partners to submit proposals for both one year projects and multi-year programmes. Additional opportunities for projects outside the usual funding round may also be considered, but only at the Commission’s invitation.

Applications will be assessed in accordance with our Proposal Selection Criteria, a link to which is available below.


Target Countries

JOA will only consider applications for projects in its target countries, which have been selected on the basis of:

  • needs (as represented by Human Development Index Scores);
  • the likely ability of development efforts to effect lasting change (using Transparency International’s Corruption Perception score as a proxy); and
  • JOA’s previous experiences.

JOA’s current target countries are:

Africa: Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Zambia

Asia: Nepal


Target Themes

In order to make its overseas aid as effective as possible, JOA now concentrates its major development grants on three carefully-chosen themes. We only consider applications for projects which satisfy the criteria of one of our target themes, namely:

  • Dairy for Development
  • Financial Inclusion (find out more)
  • Conservation Livelihoods
Funding Opportunities

Jersey Overseas Aid does not normally accept unsolicited grant applications for development projects. Instead, JOA’s select partners are invited to bid for support at different times of the year. The conditions of funding opportunities are set out in our Explanatory Booklet (below).

JOA will consider co-funding projects with another donor or donors. Applications must clearly set out where JOA’s funding fits into the wider programme, and include the detailed budget and logical framework for the larger project, as well as for JOA-funded activities. The payment of funding in such cases will be deferred until the partner agency confirms that co-funding has been secured.

All projects will be covered by JOA’s Grant Agreement, an example of which can be found below.