Dairy cows play a vital role in many developing countries, serving not only as a source of income for smallholder farmers but contributing to the improved health and nutrition of their families and communities. As a centre of dairy expertise – and home of the Jersey breed – we are uniquely well-placed to assist farmers, charities, cooperatives, extension workers and national governments with improving the quality and profitability of milk production.

This programme focuses on boosting livelihoods and nutrition by enhancing dairy production techniques (specifically bovine) to boost milk yields and quality, strengthening value chains, improving animal genetics and providing innovative financing, especially to support small-scale producers.

Projects will focus on improving the health and annual milk yields of dairy cows and the competiveness of farmers, cooperatives and connected businesses. Interventions should demonstrate understanding of the target country’s national priorities for agriculture and dairy, complementing and enhancing the efforts of national ministries and extension workers, and building the capacities of local officials and experts.

Jersey is establishing a gene bank to provide cost-price Jersey semen and embryos to small-scale producers in developing countries. JOA particularly encourages proposals to incorporate Jersey breed elements into their activities.

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