Since 1973 Jersey Overseas Aid has organised parties of volunteers from Jersey to work with the members of communities in developing countries for up to four weeks.

Community work projects serve to raise awareness in Jersey of global development issues. They also play an important part in Islanders’ own personal development. Many have led to lasting links with communities all over the world, and several local charities were born from volunteers’ experiences abroad. To date over 1,200 volunteers have completed over 100 projects in some of the worlds poorest communities.

Each community work project comprises of between eight to twelve volunteers and is led by an experienced team leader. Each participant contributes an amount towards their own travel expenses and JOA funds the additional costs of travel, plus insurance, medical kits, vaccinations, food and accommodation. JOA also funds all the materials and supplies necessary in order to complete the projects. The volunteers engage in fund-raising activities to finance additional community support in the host country. Applications from potential volunteers with a minimum of five years’ residency are given preference.